Applying for a Master Degree in Germany before Having Undergraduate Degree

It is fine to apply for a Master Degree if you haven’t finished your undergraduate studies. The application normally is sent to the university in the final year of undergraduate studies. The university you apply for will really appreciate this and will review the result of the projected degree and requires you to attach your current-progress transcript and your professor’s recommendation.

Vast Opportunities with your German Master Degree in Your Hands

The world recognizes the German diplomas and certificates, so you will get many chances around the world. It is also fine to go on living in Germany since there are also many great opportunities that you can get. A great country like Germany is available with the newest and most sophisticated technology, scientific research, knowledge, business, etc. Surely, if you continue your master degree in Germany, the world will be in your hands.

Consecutive and Non-Consecutive Master’s Degree

  • Consecutive Master’s Degree is for the students wishing to have a Master’s Degree from the same or related field.
  • Non-consecutive Master’s Degree is for the students wishing to have a Master’s Degree from a different field. This usually requires practical experiences.

Professional Master’s Degrees focusing on vocational subjects such as nursing, lawyers, and teaching have the courses which focus on the regulated professions.

The Fee of Master’s Degrees in German Universities

  • For the students taking the consecutive studies, they will have to pay only for semester fees which are around 100-200 Euro. This includes the payments of enrollment administration, semester ticket—the monthly tickets for public transportation, and confirmation.
  • For the students taking the non-consecutive studies, they will have to pay for the tuition fees which vary—depending on the university and the program. International students will have to pay for tuition fees as well.
  • Private universities charge tuition fees for both consecutive and non-consecutive studies.

Before applying for a Masters Degree in Germany, make sure you have learned about what subject you’re passionate about, the university, the country, the people, and the culture.

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