6 Tips and Tricks to Make Powerful Motivation Letter for Scholarship

If you are going to continue your study to post-graduate or post-doctoral, then preparing motivation letter for scholarship is a must for you and must be done carefully. However, many scholars are still confused on how to leave a good first impression to the scholarship provider. To do so, the 5 lists below can help you how to write motivation letter for scholarships.

  1. Eye-Catching subject or heading

Imagine that there are more than 1,000 applicants who applied t the scholarships. Thus, to make your motivation letter easily to remember and get the attention of the scholarship provider, you need to make an eye-catching heading of your motivation letter.

2. Stunning opening

Make the opening of your motivation letter stunning and not too general as it may cause the reader getting bored to read.

3. Good structure

To make a motivation letter means to never underestimate structure. Express your ideas clearly and concisely! A good structure will obviously help the scholarship provider to easily check your motivation letter sentences.

4. Brief description of yourself.

There is no such motivation letter without asking your motivation to apply. You can start to describe yourself in a brief and to-the-point. Other information that you can put it in your motivation letter is including related research to the academy.

5. Integrity

Never try yourself making up the information on your motivation letter. Therefore, make sure that you have your unique characters that help the reader easily grasp the materials.

6. Conclusion

To conclude your motivation letter, you can restate your strength. Not to forget also make sure that you do re-check for any grammar error or word choices to complete your motivation letter for scholarship.

Those are all 6 tips and tricks to make powerful motivation letter for scholarship that you should not miss when you are preparing the documents to study abroad.

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